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  • I will always try to buy vehicles from Auto Right.


    I've owned new, pre-owned, and well-used trucks and cars of all make and model. I've dealt with dealers and individuals and have sold my own vehicles as well. I perform 90% of my own maintenance on my cars and trucks, know how they work, and I can tell when they're not working correctly.
    I turned to Auto Right Sales to find a truck that I could depend on. Something that fit my needs and the needs of my family. I found out after just one phone call that Auto Right Sales is was a business I can trust. I needed a capable 4x4 truck that I could just get in and go. That's exactly I got from Auto Right.
    Ray took 3 hours out of this busy day to show me every single detail of my truck. He answered all my questions and always went the extra mile to make sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted. There was nothing that could have gone any better with my purchase.
    Buying my truck from Ray at Auto Right Sales was the easiest, fastest, least expensive, and most fun auto buying experience I've ever had.
    If you have a chance to buy a vehicle from Auto Right Sales, you will NOT be disappointed, and you'll learn so much about your car or truck that you'll think you have had it since new.
    The condition of my truck was amazing. The interior and exterior were so clean, all my friends thought my truck was brand new. Ray has a personal investment in every one of his vehicles and it shows. He has excellent attention to detail and makes sure every car and truck is up to his standards before he sells. And let me tell you, his standards are HIGH. He sold me a 140,000 mile truck that runs, drives, and looks like it just came from the factory.
    I can't say enough good things about this company.
    I will always try to buy vehicles from Auto Right.

    Brandi Rudder


  • Clayton says Amazing Service

    My wife and I had a wonderful experience. Due to an accident, we were forced to car shop, something that I really don't enjoy. Ray Williams made our experience enjoyable. His 20+ years of experience gave us confidence in buying a used vehicle. He took the time to explain how he knew cars were in good working condition. More than filling an order, he got to know us and was able to provide a wide selection of cars that matched our budget, interests, and personality. He worked well within our budget and ended up savings us money. We never felt pressured to make any decision.

    Most importantly, Ray Williams is honest. He was very transparent throughout our dealings.

    I would recommend him to anyone.

  • 5 Stars from Suzanne Davis

    We have bought 2 cars from Ray Williams at Auto Right Sales in the past 8 months and have had a fantastic experience! I will never buy another car anywhere else. We were able to purchase both cars at substantially below retail, and both cars have performed beautifully. Ray is extremely knowledgeable and has a excellent way of teaching/explaining the pro's and con's of each car we looked at; which helped simplify the entire process. I was originally referred to Ray by a friend that has purchased multiple cars through Ray over the years for his business fleet. Additionally, I have another friend that purchased 3 cars from Ray over the past 18 months. Both of them had very positive experience as well. History speaks for itself :)

  • 4.6 Stars!

    Ray Williams at Auto Right Sales was amazing! I went in to buy a replacement car because my beloved car had just died with a fix-it price deeming it unrealistic to fix – or so I thought. When I went to check out the car Ray had for sale, he told me that my old car could in fact be resurrected for much less than I was originally told, creating an option to fix the old car and either keep it or resell it! That was great news!! When Ray said he only wanted to make me happy as a customer, that’s exactly how it felt. He was open and honest. Ray was willing to lose a sale on one of his cars by enlightening me to the fact my old car could be fixed. I did still end up purchasing a car from Ray and the process was seamless! I never felt any pressure to buy, and Ray was completely transparent with everything! How often can you say that about a car salesman?!

    I don’t have family that lives in the state, so I really, REALLY appreciated Ray’s honesty and his fatherly manner, I felt like he had my best interest in mind, and that is priceless! He was always available and willing to answer any and all questions I had, and share his knowledge with me. It changed the whole game for me – knowledge is power, and it was great to know I had options in whatever I decided to do - and that I had someone in my corner, looking out for me! When I am looking for my next car – I will check Ray’s inventory first and foremost!

    Thanks Again Ray!!

  • a week ago-

    My wife and I flew in from out of state to buy a car for our new college graduate. Ray Williams gave us an extraordinary amount of information on the car we were interested in buying and took us for an extended test drive. I was impressed with the amount of time he took on us as prospective buyers.

    I was 90% sure the car would pass a third party mechanic's inspection based on Ray William's knowledge and it did pass with flying colors. We were very much pressed tor time and Mr Williams went out of his way to get the car to our mechanic as soon as possible even during Denver's worst snow storm. That was above and beyond normal customer service.

    Being from out of state we relied on Ray's knowledge of all the laws and taxes involved in buying a car in Colorado. He knows his stuff.

  • You have to meet Ray. . . his mind is a walking AutoTrader index full of vehicle history, motor performance, and bonus options. Ray helped us find a used car at the auction yards and we were extremely pleased with the service, attention to detail, and professionalism that he provided us. This is coming from a customer who met Ray and Auto Right Sales through a posting from craigslist! A very fortunate posting for me and my family. It's nice to know that you still find hard working, trust worthy car folks focused on finding the best car for me and my family needs. Thanks Ray!

  • Steve Spackman, Ford Ranger 4x4
    I just bought a very nice truck from Auto Right. I am a paranoid used car buyer. I always expect the dealer to try and take advantage of me. What a pleasant surprise to work with Ray at Auto Right. Ray knows more about cars than anyone I have ever met. He knows which cars are reliable, which are over priced, and can evaluate the value of any car he checks out. The best part is he freely shares his insights with his customers. Ray discussed my choice with me in depth and helped me to inspect the car. He told me all the things I should watch for. He never pressured me and gave me lots of time to make my decision. In the end I purchased a beautiful Ford Ranger 4x4. We took it to the mountains and ran it through it's paces last weekend. What a great truck! Thanks Ray for helping me find the right truck.  Steve Spackman, Ford Ranger 4x4

  • Nan and Dave
    Working with Ray at Auto Right Sales was the best used car buying experience my husband and I have ever had. We knew what we wanted to test drive, and this guy took close to 45 minutes going over everything about this car from the outside in, including the entire engine! We decided to buy the car, and got an awesome trade-in price with the car we brought with us. We took the car home and by 10 am the following morning, the car had failed the emissions test. While we were sitting in line, the check engine light came on and shocked us both. The following day, we took the car back down to Ray, took our old car home and within 4 hours got a call that the new automobile had passed the 2nd emissions test with flying colours. During all this, Ray was completely professional and wanting to get the problem completely taken care of. When my husband and I went back down to pick up the new (to us, of course) automobile, he showed us what had happened and why it failed the emissions, and what was done to rectify the situation. If we EVER need another car, or one of our friends is in need of an automobile, I would heartily recommend Ray and Auto Right Car Sales! Thanks so much Ray!!!!! nan and dave.

  • John Monroe
    Quality Excellent I have bought almost all of my cars through Ray and Tamra at Auto Right sales. Every time I have looked for a car, they are the first ones that I talk to. I recently moved out of state and do not have the ability to buy from them anymore (which has been very frustrating) but Ray has willingly provided me with suggestions and advice on which cars are good to buy. All of the cars that I bought from Ray had been quality cars which had been given careful attention to detail. I know that he hand details every car, and spends a long time making sure that the car is going to be an efficient and quality car for a long period of time. I have never had a transaction go wrong with Ray and Tamra and had 3 cars previously purchased by them. It is refreshing to know that there are people who genuinely care about customers and want them to have a good, quality experience. I also love witnessing Ray's genuine passion for cars. This is a top-notch dealership.  John Monroe  

  • O'Neill Quinlan Lexus RX300
    Who would you trust selling a used car?  Till a few days ago was still looking then I found Ray Williams, Auto Right, who makes his living buying and selling the same.  His business focus is repeat customers and word of mouth referrals.  Ray is a straight shooter, know his stuff, and sell quality cars at a fair price.

    After hearing his comments I had and independent inspector do a stem to stern auto inspection and that's when his business approach proved to be true-quality cars at a fair price.

    I had been to eight different places trying to separate car facts from fiction and did not trust anyone.  Ray's approach was refreshing and I know where I am sending friends and family in the future, Ray Williams, Auto Right Sales. April 4, 2013  O'Neill Quinlan, Lexus RX300

  • Terry Goldstein repeat customer
    This is the second car I have bought from Ray Williams at Autoright sales. I have to say he has really been great with both of our car purchases. I bought a 04 Mazda tribute from him when we first moved to Commerce City in 09' and now in 12' we have purchased a Nissan Versa. Both times he was very professional, courteous, and prompt. He really looked out for my best interest as a customer. Ray went out of his way to help me find just the car I was looking for and got it below the prices that they were typically were going for on the used retail lots. His knowledge of cars helped me avoid buying something that had previously been wrecked and his attention to detail was superb. We really became friends through the purchase. If you are looking for a family oriented professional that you can trust, Ray is one of the best I have had the pleasure of business with. Sincerely, Terry Goldstein

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